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Freshfleet is a single meal, pick up food service based in the Navy Yard at the very most southern tip of Philadelphia. The Yard is home to over 150 companies from various industries with commuters flocking from surrounding suburbs and the Philly area for daily blue and white-collar work. Freshfleet alleviates the stress of thinking about what's for dinner and having to go to the grocery store by providing easy to cook meals with local organic ingredients that workers can quickly order by app the same day and pick up after work at one of five locations around the Navy Yard. The single meal, pick up element of Freshfleet's service fixes the issue of stolen packages, untimely deliveries, and lack of storage space that often time causes issues for city dwellers. ​

Freshfleet's branding was created in a way that celebrates the nautical history of the location but utilizes contemporary, bright colors and bold shapes to a contemporary twist that stands out from the surrounding dining options.

Student work at Tyler School of Art + Architecture

Bryan Satalino, Art Director


Brand Strategy & Research