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Fine Line Boxed Set

Fine Line

Anniversary Zines

Harry Styles' Fine Line Album recently celebrated its first anniversary and to ring in the milestone, this zine series celebrates the lyrics and imagery that has become iconic amongst his fans. Using a multitude of fonts, colors, and patterns in addition to bitmap images, this zine provokes my personal feelings and emotions while listening to the songs. This zine is meant to be an appreciation for Fine Line and the joy that is has been over the past year.

Student work at Tyler School of Art and Architecture,
Temple University

Sean Mccabe, Art Director






Fine Line Album Redesign

Every song is uniquely different—a true mash of not only Harry but also his fans’ emotions.

Fine Line Typography Close Up

Meant to be a listening partner to the Grammy-nominated album, there is no consistency to the zine. Every song there is a new font or a new color scheme which was established by me just listening to the song over and over again. Each page was a new challenge to step out of my comfort zone and challenge what I thought I knew about design.

Fine Line Spread for "She"
Fine Line Spread for "She"

With hints of Harrys playful personality and signals back to past punk-ish designs, these zines are maximal in every sense. Never afraid of type, color, texture, gradients, illustrations, text alignments, The Fine Line Anniversary zines are brilliant, fun collectibles to remember the iconic album and the feelings it provokes in fans.

Fine Line Cover Graphic
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