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Whether it's packaging, layouts, or wayfinding, I've had my hands in a lot of projects over the years. While they might not need a whole page dedicated to each of them, I still feel that they represent an angle of my design aesthetics and techniques. Poke around to probably see more pinks, but also see a different side of me.

Student work at Tyler School of Art and Architecture,
Temple University

The Pompous Alpaca, a high-quality woven goods company, focuses on its superiority over other wools through copy.

Student Work | Art Director: Caleb Heisey

Translating Oscar-winning short Hair Love into a series of three book covers using symbolism and illustrations.

Student Work | Art Director: Caleb Heisey

Using existing branding to create a whimsical, yet functional system of wayfinding for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Student Work | Art Director: Krissy Beck

Laying out a multi-page spread and overall magazine design inspired by the juxtapositional style of Jessica Walsh.

Student Work | Art Director: Dermot Mac Cormack

An ice cream brand inspired by the need for a post-concert depression cure (honestly, what's better than ice cream for this?)

Student Work | Art Director: Caleb Heisey